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Descrizione del progetto: We require a new artwork for a wine brand called 'Caneva'.

The artwork has to fit two labels of different measurements, as per details here below:
1) Front H55mm x L95mm - Back H50mm x L60mm
2) Front H46mm x L102.5mm - Back H50mm x L70mm - Collar H141mm x L62.3mm (please reffer to examples attached)

Just to put things into context, in the Republic of Venice, the 'Caneva' was the Arsenal's* special wine cellar.

The Arsenal of the Republic of Venice was the biggest and most efficient shipyard in yearly modern terms. It was the engine that built the Republic of Venice's fleet, which allowed Venice to become the biggest merchant city of its time.

Very few people know that wine was a benefit in kind for the shipyard's workers and it was the second biggest expens in the Arsenal's budget only after timber. It was such an important benefit for the workers that they consumed half a million litres.

So we can easily say that the Republic of Venice's fundations lied as much on water as on wine....

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